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The decompression valve is a valve that reduces the inlet pressure to a certain required outlet pressure and relies on the energy of the medium itself to keep the outlet pressure stable automatically. From the point of view of fluid mechanics, the pressure reducing valve is a throttling element with variable local resistance, that is, by changing the throttling area, the flow velocity and the kinetic energy of the fluid are changed, resulting in different pressure losses, thus achieving the purpose of pressure reduction. Then, by controlling and regulating the system, the pressure fluctuation after the valve is balanced with the spring force, so that the pressure after the valve is kept constant within a certain error range.

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Product advantages

This valve is a multi-functional valve (which can be adapted according to special needs), used in combination with the gas cylinder, installed at the outlet of the gas cylinder, used to reduce the high-pressure hydrogen gas in the gas cylinder, and provide a stable low-pressure pressure for the downstream fuel cell. The main functions include filling the gas cylinder, opening and closing the gas in the gas cylinder to the outside, and reducing the high-pressure gas in the gas cylinder to the downstream.

Decompression valve2

Product Features

1.Integrate shut-off valve, two-stage pressure reducing valve, filling port, pressure sensor interface.

2.Light weight and easy to be installed.

3.Reliable sealing and long service life.

4. Stable outlet pressure, low inlet pressure.

Technical parameters

Product name Decompression valve
Working gas Hydrogen, nitrogen, sorbe
Weight 370g
Outlet pressureMPa 0.05~0.065MPa
Outlet thread 1/8
Working pressureMPa 0~35MPa
Safety valve blasting pressure (Mpa) 41.5~45MPa
Output flow ≥80L/min
Overall leakage ±3%
Material of shell HPb59- 1
Thread M18*1.5
Working pressure 30MPa
Life (number of using) 10000
Diameter Please see below

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