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(1) 280 wheelbase, the boom adopts 3.0mm thick carbon fiber board, and the fuselage thickness is 1.5mm carbon fiber board, which ensures the strength of the aircraft in flight and effectively reduces vibration;

(2) The whole unmanned frame is made of pure carbon fiber board, which is light in weight, and the whole empty machine weighs 135g (including the spare parts of UAV such as bolt aluminum column), which is small in volume and long in service life

(3) The fuselage is connected with aluminum alloy column, which is easy to be modified, and the strength of the fuselage is guaranteed.

Product advantages

Long life: carbon fiber has the characteristics of ultra light weight, and the weight of the carbon fiber UAV frame is very light, and the endurance time is longer than other UAVs;

Strong robustness: the compressive strength of carbon fiber is over 3500mp, and it has high strength characteristics. The carbon fiber UAV has strong resistance to fall and strong compressive capacity;

Easy to assemble and dismantle: the structure of the unmanned frame with carbon fiber multi rotor is simple, and it is made of aluminum column and bolt connection, which makes the arrangement extremely convenient in the process of component installation; It can be assembled anytime and anywhere, and it is easy to carry; It is very convenient to use; And the aviation aluminum column and bolt are used, which has strong firmness.

Good stability: the platform of multi rotor carbon fiber UAV made of carbon fiber has the effect of shock absorption and stability, and the influence of the body shaking or vibration is counteracted by the platform. Good combination of shock absorber ball and platform plate can effectively increase stability and reduce shock absorption, and fly smoothly in the air;

Safety: because of the power dispersing to multiple arms, the carbon fiber multi rotor UAV can ensure a high safety factor; In flight, it can balance force, easy to control, hover automatically, make it fly according to the desired path, and avoid sudden drop and cause damage.

we can help to make the design, all can be customized according to your requirements

Our company is mainly responsible for the quality control and inspection of each production link by 6 quality control personnel. The material attachment, pressing plate, precision design, CNC processing, finished product inspection and packaging are equipped with corresponding control personnel to satisfy each customer.

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