Automobile carbon fiber battery box

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We use the battery box made of fiber composite materials to help you improve your travel efficiency tomorrow. Compared with traditional materials, their weight is greatly reduced, longer range can be achieved, and other important requirements in safety, economy and thermal management can be met. We also support the new modern electric vehicle platform

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Light weight, high stiffness
Electric vehicles with a weight reduction of 100 kg can save about 4% of driving energy. Therefore, the lightweight structure obviously helps to increase the scope. Alternatively, lighter weights with the same range allow smaller and lighter batteries to be installed, which saves costs, reduces installation space and reduces charging time. For example, scientists at the University of Applied Technology in Munich believe that this miniaturization can reduce the weight of 100 kg, thereby reducing the cost of the battery by up to 5 per cent. In addition, lighter weight helps drive dynamics and reduces the size and wear of the brakes and chassis.

Strengthen fire protection
The thermal conductivity of carbon fiber composite is about 200 times lower than that of aluminum, which is a good precondition to prevent the battery from ignition of electric vehicles. It can be further improved by adding additives. For example, our internal tests show that composite life is four times longer than that of steel even without mica. This gives the crew valuable time to rescue in an emergency.

Improve heat management
Because of the low thermal conductivity of composite, the material also makes important contribution to the optimization of heat management. The battery will be automatically shielded from heat and cold by the enclosure material. Through proper design, no additional insulation is required.

Corrosion resistance
Carbon fiber composites do not have to have additional corrosion layers like steel. These materials are not easy to rust and their structural integrity will not leak even if the underbody is damaged.

Automatic mass production of automobile quality and quantity
The bottom and cover are flat parts, which can be produced in a large quantity and stable in a material saving way. However, the frame structure can also be made of composite materials using new manufacturing processes. probably

Attractive light building costs
In the total cost analysis, the battery box made of carbon fiber composite can even reach the cost level similar to aluminum and steel in the future because of its many advantages.

Other features
In addition, our materials meet other requirements of the battery enclosure, such as electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), water and air tightness.

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